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We are a specialist global risk consultancy that helps organisations succeed in a volatile world. Through insight, intelligence and technology, we help you seize opportunities while remaining secure, compliant and resilient. When crises and complex issues arise, we help you recover.


Future-proofing your China business

Future-proofing your China business

China is still an opportunity, but the rules of the game have changed forever. What steps should foreign multinationals take to future-proof their China business?

The Control Risks mission

Everything we do is based on our guiding belief that risk-taking is an essential pre-requisite of your success, writes Richard Fenning, CEO, Control Risks.

Control Risks in the media

We aim to bring clarity to complex situations - wherever they are - informing the debate on the world’s most important issues.

Readiness - Response - Recovery

Orthodoxy and innovation: crisis readiness, response and recovery

Today’s crises are more frequent and more complex than ever. They challenge an organization’s resilience as never before. As the nature of crises changes, so must your organization. How do you stand ready, respond effectively and recover stronger?

The US-China Trade War

The US-China trade war

With US duties now affecting Chinese imports worth USD 250bn and Trump threatening to double that level, this quantitative tariff escalation will soon be felt more keenly in both countries. However, an equally disruptive qualitative evolution has also begun.

Building a global crisis readiness program

Building a global crisis readiness program: 13 pitfalls

There are a number of common mistakes we see as organizations establish global readiness programs. They can lead to a plan that sits unused on a shelf when disruptions occur. Getting the set-up right will help ensure the global adoption.

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About us

Helping organisations succeed in a volatile world.

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Changing patterns in terrorism

Changing patterns in terrorism

Islamic State is under pressure following territorial losses in the Middle East. But it is not yet defeated as either a military or ideological force. Meanwhile, we are seeing increasingly diverse terrorism threats globally - not necessarily more severe, but often less predictable.

Russia Sanctions: Less Scary Than They Seem?

Russia sanctions: less scary than they seem?

The first indications are that, unlike in the case of Iran, doing business in Russia or with Russian firms remains possible for companies worldwide, albeit with numerous caveats and a set of compliance measures.

Cyber security through the eyes of a traveller

Cyber security through the eyes of a traveller

The ubiquity of the cloud, WiFi networks and cheaper roaming charges enable travellers to be connected throughout their journey – but also present opportunities for cyber threat actors to target new technologies, which are often built with limited or no security.