Nic Mare

Associate Director

  • Africa
  • Security Risk Management
  • Operational and Protective Services
  • Organisational Resilience
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Nic is an Associate Director in the Crisis and Risk Consulting business throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Nic has experience in working with a wide variety of companies and in various fields such as Oil and Gas, Mining and the Financial Sector. This included various roles from, Close protection Office (CPO), embedded risk consultant to developing security policies, crisis management plans and procedures, as well as training and mentoring of client personnel in the implementation of such plans and procedures.  

  • Nic has developed new and reviewed existing crisis management plans (CM) for a wide range of clients. Following the drafting of such plans, a training scenario was developed, and exercises were conducted. Nic has also assisted clients with real life crisis management when a client site was entered by armed groups and the client was extorted for financial gain by a business extortion group.
  • For a global insurance company in South Africa, Nic drafted their physical security policy and conducted security reviews and gap analysis. Furthermore, conducted risk assessments at six shopping centres as well as offices in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
  • For a global mining group, with a mine in the DRC Congo, Nic reviewed the security profile of the mine, expat residences and remote exploration sites to identify security threats. Conducted risk assessments, reviewed current security management plans and procedure, conducted a gap analysis and updated the security management plans and procedures.
  • At an international oil and gas company in the Middle East, Nic reviewed their physical security department, did gap identification and drafted a security road map with recommendations for guarding and physical security infrastructure upgrades.
  • Worked as a CPO in the Middle East and Eastern Europe conducting close protection tasks, escorting clients and materials in a hostile environment.
  • Nic studied his master’s degree MSc in Organisational Resilience through Buckinghamshire New University in England with subjects that include Risk and Impact perspectives, Security Management, Civil Protection, Crisis and Emergency Management and Business Continuity Management. 

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