Eduardo Arcos

Senior Analyst

  • Americas
  • Political and Economic Risk Monitoring

Eduardo is a Senior Analyst at Control Risks’ Special Risks Analysis division of Response. As part of his role, Eduardo leads analysis on kidnapping and extortive crime in the Americas and Asia-Pacific, including trends on kidnapping and extortion rates in these continents, types of perpetrators, victims’ profiles, modus operandi across countries in these regions, and the impact of these crimes on businesses and their personnel. Eduardo assists clients operating in high-risk jurisdictions for these crimes through consulting reports, debriefs and presentations. 

Recent tasks that Eduardo has worked on include:

  • Presentations of global kidnapping and extortion trends with a specific emphasis on Mexico, India and China 
  • Embedded analyst work for a multinational in the energy sector focusing on security risks in the Americas
  • Leading consulting engagements for clients operating or seeking to operate in countries such as Haiti, China, Mexico, and Colombia. 

  • Eduardo holds an MSc on Security Studies from University College London and a BA in International Relations from Monterrey’s Institute of Technology and Higher Studies. Before joining Control Risks, Eduardo was an industry analyst, with field experience in various jurisdictions including Turkey, South Africa, Botswana and Canada. Eduardo also has experience in think thanks and NGOs. 

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