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Busani leads Control Risks’ business intelligence practice for sub-Saharan Africa and manages a team of consultants based in offices in Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos, Paris and London. He has over eight years of experience supporting clients gather critical information pertinent to understanding the integrity risks occasioned by entering new markets, evaluating the risks and opportunities arising from mergers and acquisitions and gathering crucial insights into competitor and partner backgrounds, reputations and modus operandi.

Busani has led several complex, multijurisdictional due diligence and business intelligence focused assignments across Africa and has advised clients on a variety of integrity related issues ranging from the assessment of corruption risk in stakeholder engagement strategies to the risks occasioned by a counterparty’s political exposure.

Recent tasks that Busani has worked on include:

  • Conducted an investigation into the veracity and salience of an allegation of bribery of a public official by a senior employee of a client’s joint venture business in Ghana. This included in-country interviews with relevant stakeholders including the whistle-blower alleging the bribery and the management of discreet enquiries into the background and reputation of the local partner.
  • Supported a large South-East Asian conglomerate, through a comprehensive intelligence gathering exercise, to assess the complex multi-jurisdictional ownership structure of a mining company in South Africa where the identification of the ultimate beneficial owner was a critical factor in its decision to acquire the asset. 
  • Conducted an integrity due diligence assessment of the potential joint venture partners of a multinational entering the South African oil and gas sector. This included assessing, through targeted intelligence gathering in the South African market, the suitability and probity of the potential partners in light of South Africa’s local content requirements.
  • Assisted a client determine the underlying reasons for the detention of a senior employee in a central African state following the client’s decision to end its operations in that country. This included the identification of the decision makers within government who had authorised the employees’s detention, the establishment of a causal link between that action and the clients plans to leave the country and the identification of potential interlocutors who could assist the client in its negotiations with the government. 
  • Conducted ABC compliance training in Zambia, South Africa and Mozambique with the local offices of a global supplier of construction related vehicles to ensure local implementation of global standards following a review of the company’s existing policies and procedures. 

    Prior to joining the company, Busani managed a leading transportation and construction company in Zimbabwe and supervised the construction of numerous roads projects in the southern region of the country. Busani has also worked as a legal advisor in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Busani holds a LLB degree from the University of Cape Town and an LLM in Banking and Finance (with distinction) from Queen Mary, University of London.

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