Shouldering the burden for compliance professionals 

VANTAGE Managed Services shoulders the burden for compliance professionals, allowing you to focus energy and resource on other business activities.

It is a service that drives efficiency in your third-party compliance programme by outsourcing to our dedicated expert team. We will gain an in-depth understanding of your processes and policies, run your third parties through all or part of your process as required in coordination with you. These activities may include some or all of the following depending on your programme:

Business-case review

Completing or reviewing the internal business case or other internal questionnaires.

Screening management

Running high-volume or individual third-party screening and conducting false positive remediation on the results.

Questionnaire supervision

Sending out and reviewing third-party due diligence questionnaires and conducting relevant follow up with the third party.

Reporting guidance

Determining the appropriate level of due diligence research in line with your policies and risk appetite and reviewing the findings once complete.

Red-flag evaluation

Summarising any red flags identified in the vetting process and conducting supplementary in-house research to resolve any outstanding issues.

Summary and recommendations

Providing an overall risk assessment summary of your third party along with a recommended mitigation plan.

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