China’s reopening after three years of zero-COVID policy has been one of the most discussed topics for international companies recently. The policy shift spurred hopes of a broad economic revival. With pent-up demand being released, China saw a strong rebound in consumption in January, directed at sectors like tourism and retail. Business activity is also picking up, something that can be seen in the surge of global CEOs traveling to China. Despite signs of improvement, China's prospects for future growth are far from certain. Long-standing and emerging issues continue to pose risks to business operations. 

Join Angela Mancini, Partner, as she talks with Kent D. Kedl, Partner and Head of Greater China and North Asia, and Yifei Zhang, General Manager of East China. They discuss the most recent developments in China after an about-turn in its zero-COVID policy, the outlook for the country in 2023, the key issues at the top of the agenda for many of our clients right now, and how businesses should correctly calibrate their risk vs. opportunity lens to derive the maximum value from China’s opening up. 

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