A major international firm operating had uncovered large scale corruption and fraud at one of its facilities in Asia Pacific. The company confiscated company-owned employee laptops to gather evidence and conduct interviews at its head office overseas. Control Risks was asked to assist the company in gathering forensic data, ensuring the safety of assets and personnel, and protecting business continuity.

How we helped  

Control Risks looked into local employees allegedly involved in the corruption scheme and used findings from this review to develop a comprehensive business recovery and continuity plan for the client. Control Risks then escorted Client executives to the facilities in question to hold meetings with local senior management. Control Risks consultants also confiscated the company-issued laptops of the employees in question. These were then transported to Control Risks’ data forensics lab for analysis.  

Following the confiscation the suspected employees became agitated and began to protest, drawing on their local government and organised crime connections. Control Risks provided security teams to protect assets and personnel. Senior executives were escorted back to company headquarters to carry out interviews and deliberations about how to move forward. Guards remained in place at the facility while video surveillance was provided in both locations to enhance security. 

Key outcomes

Backed by strong information from forensic data analysis, senior members of our consulting team helped the Client’s management team negotiate from a position of strength and reach a satisfactory arrangement with the employees.

During the restructuring, business continuity was preserved and there was minimum damage to the Client’s reputation. 

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