Social Risk and Compliance

Strong social performance is a business advantage

Strong social performance is not only the right thing to do, it is fundamental to the success of any organisation and increasingly an expectation.

We help our clients measure, manage and monitor the social performance of their investments and value chains to minimise risk exposure and benefit from positive social impact.  

Modern slavery and labour rights support 

Human rights, modern slavery and labour rights challenges impact workers and communities in value chains across the world. Poor employment practices, the use of child and forced labour, or threats to land or resource rights can remain hidden to businesses and investors until an event causes lasting financial and reputational impact.

With Control Risks you’ll address potential issues before they become a crisis. We’ve helped clients in some of the most complex jurisdictions in the world build capacity and benefit from strong social compliance. 

Our experts include Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)-accredited sustainability professionals, analysts trained on SASB standards, and SA8000 and IRCA lead auditors.

From social risk mapping to social audits and monitoring

Through social audits and labour rights monitoring, we support your organisation even in the most complex of jurisdictions. We also help you take steps to strengthen your organisation’s social compliance through the implementation of ethical recruitment and responsible sourcing.

From social audits of factories in India and human rights assessments for extractives in Madagascar, to monitoring labour rights on construction projects in the Middle East, our teams have helped clients across the world measure, manage and monitor their social compliance challenges.

    We provide:

  • Social risk mapping
  • Supply chain due diligence
  • Policy and management systems
  • Training and awareness
  • Social audits and monitoring
  • Grievance reporting and investigation

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