Standardised third-party due diligence reports, compiled by in-country experts

VANTAGE Diligence sits at the heart of our third-party risk solutions. With growing regulatory scrutiny and more complex supply chains and networks, companies need a risk-based approach to assess their relationships with third parties.

Control Risks is one of the most established global providers of corporate intelligence and due diligence services. VANTAGE Diligence employs a streamlined proprietary research methodology, enabling clients to undertake proportionate due diligence depending on the level of risk. Designed to meet varying requirements of compliance teams, it draws upon Control Risks’ global network of in-country experts and trusted sources, built up over 40 years of experience.

We have developed three levels of screening that allow you to apply the appropriate level of due diligence to entities with very different characteristics:

1. High-level red-flag research of open sources

2. Online and manual public record research, building a basic profile of a subject

3. On-the-ground research with targeted references through local contacts and sources


Clients can also escalate to our Investigative Due Diligence offerings, following a more bespoke investigative methodology.

Our compliance and investigations business maintains the industry’s largest specialised public-records research team, consisting of local experts from a variety of regions and backgrounds. This ensures we constantly identify and evaluate new sources of information when gathering intelligence.


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