Professional third-party risk management consulting, delivered by experienced experts

VANTAGE Consulting draws on our significant experience providing compliance advice to companies of varying size and jurisdictional reach. Often delivered alongside the implementation of our VANTAGE technology solution, we work alongside our clients to design, adapt and implement a third-party risk management programme to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in mitigating risk.

We work with clients to develop an effective risk-based approach to due diligence. Customised depending on need/preference, VANTAGE Consulting typically includes the following components:

Client workshop

To gain an understanding of your current third-party due diligence programme, and the existing policies, processes and tools in place.

Feedback exchange

Recommending enhancements to your programme, as well as providing clear and concise guidance for effective integration within the platform.

Design and implementation

The iterative design process, incorporating thorough testing and systematic review, ensuring your desired compliance outcome is achieved.


GAN Integrity and Control Risks

Our partnership combines Control Risks’ 40 years of experience helping to create secure, compliant and resilient organisations, with GAN Integrity’s market-leading compliance management software. .

As one of the most established global providers of corporate intelligence and due diligence services, Control Risks leverages its unparalleled combination of experience, geographic reach and specialised skillsets.

Since 2004, GAN Integrity has been helping companies around the world mitigate corporate risk. GAN Integrity's technology transforms the way compliance programmes operate by bringing critical applications and data together into a single, fully integrated cloud-based platform.


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