Operating and Investing in Latin America 2022: a bumpy road ahead for business

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Latin America is experiencing a wave of authoritarianism and populism, and populist authoritarianism, eroding democracy and leading to the deterioration of the business environment and investment climate even for the most intrepid, risk tolerant companies. Still, the scope for growth is out there for risk-conscious organizations. Companies and investors should plan accordingly.

With key elections on the docket in 2022, as the region and the world face challenging geopolitical headwinds, there is little doubt that the road ahead for Latin America will be bumpy at best.

Control Risks’ in-country analysts are tracking election developments and operating and investment concerns on behalf of our clients.

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Top Considerations for Business

Latam Outlook 2023

The 2023 LatAm Outlook report provides an analysis of the current economic, political, social and security landscape in Latin America and how things are likely to develop over the next five Years

In Focus: Locating risk and opportunity in 2022

Control Risks Election Insight

This year, elections are scheduled to take place in Latin America’s three most populous countries: Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.

  • Colombia’s general election begins on March 13, with legislative elections and party primaries, and will be concluded by June 19 with a more-than-likely second round runoff in the presidential election. The first round will be held on May 29. Click here for further insights

  • In Mexico, six states will hold gubernatorial, local congressional and municipal elections on June 5. These states, which are of particular importance to a variety of strategic sectors, are Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas. Click here for further insights

  • Brazil’s general election takes place on October 2. A prospective second round runoff for the presidential and gubernatorial elections is scheduled for October 30. Click here for further insights



Control Risks has the world’s largest in-house, on-the-ground team of risk analysts, with deep roots in Latin America, including offices in Mexico City, Bogotá and São Paulo. With our unique blend of geopolitical, regulatory, technology, and security expertise, Control Risks offers unparalleled support for clients navigating the business environment in Latin America and seeking to understand the implications of the elections for their global strategy and operations.

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