Rebuild Ukraine Special Report

This detailed 50 page report provides analysis derived from extensive dialogue with government, business, and academic leaders in Ukraine and allied nations.

Designed for both prospective and existing investors in Ukraine, this report offers a nuanced re-evaluation of the country’s investment landscape, encompassing strategic risks, operational insights, and growth opportunities.

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Rebuild Ukraine Recovery Report

Part I - Rebuild Ukraine: state of play

  • Ukraine's wartime economy
  • Reconstruction and recovery priorities
  • Key sectors – long-term priorities
  • Foreign support for recovery efforts

Part II - Rebuild Ukraine: key challenges and outlook  

  • Strategic view on the war and scenarios for 2024
  • Institutional and political landscape, incl. political stability, judiciary and the rule of law, administrative capacity, corruption, oligarchy and vested interests, civil society
  • Operating in wartime Ukraine, incl. impact of martial law, insurance challenges, availability of labour
  • Security, incl. threats from crime, organised crime and a macro perspective on the cyber threat landscape

Report package options

Option 1 - March report and 1-hour expert briefing

Option 2 - March report + updated June report + 1-hour expert briefing
(includes one month Ukraine-Russia monitor free of charge from date of delivery of March report; 30% discount on subsequent 3- or 6-month monitor subscription)

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