The client 

A multinational investment company. 

The challenge 

A board-level management team from the company planned to visit Kyiv.  The visit itinerary featured appointments with ministers from several Ukrainian government departments and included an audience with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. 

Our solution 

The company asked Control Risks to engage its existing contacts within the Ukrainian government and Presidential Security Team, as well as within the Ukrainian railway company Ukrzaliznytsia. This on-the-ground capability enabled effective planning and preparation ahead of the visit.  Routes, venues, and safe havens were reconnoitred in Kyiv, including the booking of a private train.  

The day before the visit, drones attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin’s residence at the Kremlin.  Russia accused Ukraine of attempting to assassinate President Putin and responded with drone and cruise missiles against Kyiv.  While most of these strikes were successfully engaged by Ukrainian air defences, the missiles struck several targets within the city. 

Control Risks team collected the clients from a private platform at Kyiv’s Central Railway Station using B6 armoured vehicles.  Despite revision of security protocols at Ukrainian government departments following the Russian Federation attacks, Control Risks ensured that the client’s team arrived at its meetings on schedule.   

Even with air raid sirens sounding throughout the city, the client achieved its primary objective: an hour-long audience with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In the face of unpredictable operational challenges, Control Risks’ in-country team responded effectively to ensure a successful outcome. 

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