Federico Saleri

Senior Consultant

  • Europe
  • Managing political risk
  • Market Entry/Exit Risk Assessment

Federico is a Senior Consultant in our Europe geopolitical and country risk team. He produces regular updates on security, political, and operational developments in Ukraine, Russia, and the south Caucasus. He also provides clients with bespoke reports and consultation. 

Prior to his current role, he worked closely with clients in the EMEA region to integrate Control Risks’ technology and analysis with their security practices. 

Recent tasks that Federico has worked on include:

  • Geopolitical risk assessment, stakeholder analysis, and engagement plan for an energy sector client looking to build infrastructure in the Caucasus and Central Asia
  • Daily analysis on military and political developments related to the Ukraine-Russia conflict 
  • Scenario-led threat assessment on the spill-over risks of the Ukraine-Russia conflict into NATO countries
  • Pre-investment assessment report on infrastructure in Italy, considering political exposure of the client’s projects and assessing the risk of corruption 
  • Global threat assessment for all static assets of a European car manufacturer 
  • Prior to joining Control Risks, Federico worked as a Threat Intelligence Analyst for a technology company in London. He also has experience as part of the Government Advisory team for a UK-based public affairs consultancy and as a Researcher in nuclear security and non-proliferation for an NGO in Washington DC. 

    Federico holds an MA in Geopolitics, Territory and Security from King’s College London and a BA in International Relations from UCSC in Italy.  

    Along with his native Italian, he speaks fluent English. He has an intermediate command of French and a basic knowledge of Russian. 

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