Daniel Linsker


  • Latin America
  • Security Risk Management
  • Ethics, Compliance and Governance
  • Organisational Resilience
  • Crisis Response
  • Political and Country Risk

Daniel Linsker is a Partner at Control Risks and currently manages Control Risks Mexico City office, overseeing the delivery of solutions and services to clients in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Before moving to Mexico, Daniel led the Security and Crisis Consulting practice for Control Risks’ in Latin America and also headed the Americas region extractives consulting practice. Daniel specializes in developing, leading and implementing tailored and integral solutions for clients to manage complex issues across the Americas, with a special emphasis on risk management for large projects in the extractives, energy and infrastructure, and those that require in-depth regional expertise of Latin America. 

Recent tasks that Daniel has worked on include:

  • Developing and implementing an enterprise risk management system for a large pipeline operator in Peru, integrating different functions, such as corporate social responsibility, corporate security, and finance and auditing into a coherent risk-management model.
  • Undertaking a social and political feasibility study for a large multinational mining company looking to acquire the assets of a local company in central Colombia. Daniel headed a team of experts that carried out a social and political due diligence and delivered a comprehensive assessment of potential challenges.
  • Developing a comprehensive risk management strategy for a multi-billion-dollar critical infrastructure project in Peru. Daniel led a consulting team that worked closely with the client to identify, assess and manage the key political, social and security risk issues and delivered a risk management plan
  • Delivering a pre-bid benchmarking and pre-entry risk assessment of for a major multinational oil company looking to enter the Colombian market, benchmarking potential bid targets on the basis of their risk profile and developing an appropriate risk management strategy. 

  • Before joining Control Risks, Daniel taught Latin American politics at the London School of Economics. In 2009, Daniel took a sabbatical to work as the Strategic Director and Policy Coordinator of a presidential campaign in Colombia.

    Daniel has a Master of Science degree in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics, where he is also a PhD candidate in government. Daniel is also a certified Governance, Risk and Compliance Professional (GRCP). 

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