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Asia Pacific: A look ahead at 2022

Asia Pacific: A look ahead at 2022

All eyes are on Asia Pacific as it emerges from the pandemic, but questions remain as to how fast its recovery will be and what the “new normal” will look like. COVID-19 has created a backdrop for a rise in state intervention in several parts of the region. 2022 is poised to kick start the decade where transition dynamics, climate risk and climate action raise major implementation challenges for Asian economies and businesses. With many of the world's supply chains originating in Asia, risks of supply chain disruption remain high.

However, opportunities abound for companies that understand these operational nuances and have the skills to navigate the growing plethora of ESG-related regulation, the nativist backlashes, and the geopolitical tensions. In this podcast, Angela Mancini speaks to our panel of experts from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India as they discuss the key risks to businesses in Asia Pacific in 2022, as well as the key opportunities for growth.


Angela Mancini Angela Mancini
Achmad Sukarsono
Reema Bhattacharya Reema Bhattacharya
Dereck Aw Dereck Aw
Julia Coym Julia Coym

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