Achmad Sukarsono

Associate Director

  • Asia Pacific
  • Security Risk Management
  • Ethics, Compliance and Governance
  • Organisational Resilience
  • Investigations, Litigation and Forensics
  • ESG and Sustainable Business
  • Political and Country Risk
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Achmad Sukarsono is based in Control Risks’ Singapore office and provides analysis on Indonesia and Malaysia for Control Risks’ regular commentary subscription service SEERIST, as well as more in-depth, bespoke consultancy support.

Achmad was previously a London-based Asia analyst at political risk consultancy Eurasia Group where his work included weekly monitoring briefs on Malaysian politics, advising Japanese clients on Indonesian politics through Tokyo road trips, assessments on the labour situation in Indonesia, mapping the alcohol debate in predominantly Muslim Indonesia and Malaysia for a food & beverage company and in-depth reports on the oil sector in Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Recent tasks that Achmad has worked on include:

  • A comprehensive political and social risks report on Indonesia’s remote province of Papua for an extractive multinational company.
  • Detailed weekly monitoring of political and regulatory developments in Indonesia’s mining sector for a leading international mining company.
  • Research and analysis of legislative developments related to the Indonesian telecommunications sector.
  • A threat assessment of aviation facilities in Indonesia for an international airline.
  • On-the-ground research and analysis of local political factors that affect the trial of a Global100 employee in a remote province in eastern Indonesia.
  • Analysis of local politics in six different cities across Indonesia for the launching of a ground-breaking health initiative.

  • Before joining the political risk industry, Achmad worked as a Southeast Asia analyst for the International Crisis Group, a global think-tank on conflict issues for three years and as a Jakarta-based journalist for international news organisations for a decade. Achmad’s comments on Indonesia and Malaysia have appeared on Bloomberg, Reuters, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. 

    Achmad holds a Master of Arts degree in Global and Comparative Politics from Queen Mary University of London and a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in International Relations from the University of Indonesia. 

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