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Understanding the political and regulatory context of your target company is critical. Our on-the-ground experts give you a full picture of the political and regulatory risks associated with your target, so you can move forward with confidence.

Control Risks has one of the largest in-house teams of political risk analysts. We provide optimum visibility of the risks and rewards associated with specific transactions, so you can avoid wasting time and resources pursuing unproductive ventures. Our diverse, global team is a rigorously vetted network of political analysts, policy specialists, former public officials, diplomats and journalists.

Political and economic intelligence services

Our analyst team supports pre-investment due diligence processes and longer-term investment planning by providing in-depth and independent intelligence and analysis about the impact of political and economic developments on a specific transaction or target company. This includes helping you identify key local stakeholders and consider the experiences of other firms who have faced the same challenges.

Stay ahead of political and regulatory developments

Major global events can change the underlying business environment in the jurisdictions where a target company or its supply chains operate. We facilitate scenario and red-teaming workshops to thoroughly test your core assumptions about a specific investment or target company. This helps you consider the impact of potential political and regulatory developments on a target’s revenue streams or cost-base as well as your exit strategy.

Foreign investment screening services

Applying our understanding of political risk and national security considerations, we gather information and intelligence to reduce execution risk. Our offerings include due diligence into buyers or sellers, location mapping of assets and infrastructure, evaluation of the potential for national security concerns, and scenario building and contingency planning for national security review by different governments.

Based on our assessment of national security risks, we can also help evaluate mitigation options to reduce execution risk or respond to stated mitigation requirements, inform budget planning for possible mitigation options, and assist with the development and implementation of compliance assessment and monitoring plans.

After a transaction has been approved, Control Risks can conduct independent audits to evaluate the target’s compliance with the stated mitigation terms of stipulation agreements (including national security or forced divestiture) and act as an independent monitor to evaluate compliance.

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