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Strategy and Deal Origination


Strategy and Deal Origination


Strategy and scenario planning - Research and intelligence - Distressed opportunities services


Control Risks’ political risk consulting and analysis and intelligence capabilities give private market investors and corporates the information they need to move forward with confidence. Our services provide support for the development and testing of investment strategies, the selection of an approach to origination, and initial assessments of new targets and opportunities.


Strategy and scenario planning

We live in a time when many long-held assumptions about politics, society and technology are being challenged. We provide strategy and scenario planning services through mapping workshops that help you shape long term planning and make measured, tested adjustments:

  • Develop and map alternative key risk issues and scenarios for a specific sector or technological development
  • "Red team” or stress test assumptions that underpin investment strategies and perceptions of risk in your organization
  • Consider the political and regulatory outlook for countries, with an eye on policy shifts that might unlock opportunities

Research and intelligence

Our network of contacts and global access to information allows us to support origination efforts in a variety of ways, particularly when your ability to travel is limited, or when you are considering less familiar markets. We help you:

  • Focus your origination strategy by developing a long list of potential targets based on your investment criteria – sector, ownership structure, commercial profile and investment size – and then by narrowing this down to a shortlist of priority targets through further intelligence gathering and analysis
  • Prioritise research, questions and talking points during the origination process through ongoing monitoring or tailored briefings


Distressed opportunities services

The process of acquiring or lending to distressed companies or assets can be tricky to navigate. Our experts help you evaluate which sectors or companies are likely to require financial support as a result of policy changes, or which may be vulnerable to losing government support during an economic downturn.

We also help you consider a cluster of distressed opportunities, such as your own existing portfolio or a portfolio of non-performing loans (NPLs). We can conduct due diligence on individual borrowers or apply data analytics to evaluate the portfolio against a set of criteria we determine with you.

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