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Pre and Post Deal Governance Reviews


Pre and Post Deal Governance Reviews


Forensic auditing services - Cyber and digital resilience support - ESG monitoring


Control Risks helps our clients preserve and optimise deal value by considering financial crime, cyber and digital resilience, and different ESG challenges through the full deal cycle, from origination to realisation.


Forensic auditing services, investigations into financial crime and regulatory compliance

Our expertise is grounded in our deep understanding of local regulatory environments, local stakeholders and trends that may present threats to returns. 

Our experts have extensive case experience dealing with enforcement agencies on fraud, corruption, anti-trust, money laundering and other compliance matters. 

We combine forensic accounting, data analysis and internal control reviews to highlight risks, gaps and develop remediation plans.


We help you:

  • Identify patterns or activities indicative of fraud, bribery and corruption within the target’s day-to-day operations 
  • Quantify high-risk activities and trends, red flags, potential conflicts of interest and problematic business relationships 
  • Assess essential financial and operational controls and test high-risk transactions
  • Investigate critical issues that arise during due diligence activities 
  • Strengthen the target’s governance and compliance programs


Cyber and digital resilience support

Data and information breaches of portfolio companies can lead to financial loss as well as legal and reputational issues. Investors often face significant challenges in managing cyber and digital security: portfolios can have a diverse range of business models and corporate cultures, and events of widespread global disruption can shift the priorities of security teams as they adjust to new threats.

We offer cyber intelligence and analysis for security planning through forward-looking strategic advice, either for a specific portfolio company or asset, or across a range of portfolio companies. We can provide augmented and enhanced cyber security capabilities based on a client’s unique threat profile and overall risk context. 

We provide funds with a broad, prioritised view of the cyber security maturity of portfolio companies as well as standardisation of reporting across different assets and benchmarking of portfolio companies against industry cyber security standards. We support portfolio companies in complying with governance standards set by the fund.


ESG monitoring and capacity building 

ESG management is a core element of successful integration, capacity building and value creation. Our extensive geographical footprint and deep field experience means that we frame our work in context and provide remediation advice that is tailored to local nuances. 

Control Risks’ advice is grounded in the leading international standards regulating ESG and sustainability including the IFC’s Performance Standards, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Guiding Principles, and the International Labour Organisation’s international standards.

Our teams of multi-disciplinary consultants and analysts have worked with businesses across the world to identify and monitor the compliance of over 400 companies.

Through research, on-the-ground intelligence, stakeholder interviews, field work and site assessments, we provide investors with a range of solutions designed to address issues progressively and specific to each deal.

Our solutions include:

  • ESG-focused target and supply chain due diligence
  • Labour rights, modern slavery and human rights assessment and monitoring 
  • Compliance framework design & build, and target capacity building
  • Supply chain ESG risk mapping
  • Remote and site-based audits and investigations
  • Training and grievance reporting

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