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A guiding belief of Control Risks since its foundation has been that risk taking is a prerequisite to success. We support private market investors and corporates through the entire deal cycle – from investment strategy to due diligence and intelligence to post-close deal integration and value creation.


Strategy and origination

Control Risks’ political risk analysis and business intelligence capabilities give private market investors the information they need to move forward with confidence. Our services provide support for the development and testing of investment strategies, the selection of an approach to origination, and initial assessments of new targets and opportunities.


Deal intelligence and due diligence

Our deep expertise allows us to analyse hard-to-get intelligence in a local political and business context. We conduct due diligence and gather intelligence, evaluating the economic and political dynamics around transactions, as well as the integrity and reputation of individuals and commercial entities. This includes cyber and digital threat assessments of targets, and ESG diligence and risk assessments.


Pre- and post-close preservation and optimisation

We help our clients preserve and optimise deal value through the full deal cycle, considering financial crime, ESG challenges, labour and human rights, and cyber and digital resilience.


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Delivering Growth and Opportunity
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Libya: some optimism, but risks remain


Libya: some optimism, but risks remain

Libya has undergone successive rounds of civil conflict and abortive political transitions over the past decade. The most recent conflict over control of Tripoli, which lasted from April 2019 until mid-2020, saw an escalation in the level of violence and the extent of international involvement in Libya’s grinding civil war.
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In Focus

Reassessing Libya - what are the risks?

The political, economic and security landscape of Libya is changing. A period of relative stability, large oil reserves and Libya's strategic positioning next to Europe have led a considerable number of international companies to reassess doing business in the country. But significant challenges remain that companies need to prepare for.