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Delivering Growth and Opportunity



A guiding belief of Control Risks since its foundation has been that risk taking is a prerequisite to success. We support organisations as they pursue growth through risk analysis, investigations and consulting designed to frame corporate strategy, prioritise capital allocation, and provide critical and multifaceted intelligence and due diligence.


New markets, new strategies

Control Risks can improve your ability to move nimbly and grapple with an increasingly complex world, identifying and crafting strategies by utilising the right data and information at the right time.

We also help you validate and expand your understanding of the opportunities new markets hold by combining our global investigative and analytical expertise with a highly practical sense of how businesses is affected by and can overcome the challenges of working in unfamiliar markets.

We can help you optimise your internal processes for evaluating and entering new markets, improving the success of each venture by making your organisation more nimble and resilient.


M&A opportunities

When you are contemplating new M&A opportunities, Control Risks helps you understand the full range of business risks and opportunities that influence the targets' long-term value – from possible reputational concerns surrounding counterparties to operational issues. We support you in mapping and understanding impacts, risks and stakeholder relationships in order to confidently pursue growth and opportunities.

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