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As digital technology adoption continues to grow and diversify in organisations, so do the threats and real-world consequences of cyber attacks. We help organisations prioritise the digital security, integrity and resilience of their people, information and systems, positioning them to fully realise the benefits of digitalisation.  

Drawing on our global reach, our dedicated cyber experts at our 11 cyber hubs across the world will help you understand the evolving cyber security threat landscape, tailoring our advice to the specific threats you face. At Control Risks we treat cyber as a business, digital and technology risk. We protect your most critical assets from harm, and effectively respond to incidents through our combined experience in cyber crisis management and industry-leading digital forensics investigators.

For more information and resources on our services from a deep dive into our overall Cyber and Digital service to Threat Intelligence, Cyber Protect and Cyber Response visit our Resource Hub.

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We help organisations at every stage necessary to keep them secure, compliant and resilient against cyber and digital threats. 

Control Risks is a CREST Member Company and is certified to deliver the STAR-FS and CBEST threat intelligence programmes, and was recognised by Chambers & Partners as a leading consultancy for Cybersecurity Risk globally in 2021. 

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