Creating a Resilient Organisation

What does resilience look like? Are you prepared?


Creating a Resilient Organisation


All organisations strive to achieve a state of resilience. But many find it hard to define something that is essential and nebulous in equal measure. You only really know your level of resilience when something happens, when the big wave hits. At Control Risks we understand the tension that sits with decision makers at all levels in an organisation who are continually asked: “What might happen? How will we respond? Is there something that could sink us? How do I know if I am doing enough of the right things to prepare?”


The architecture of resilience

Control Risks has a diverse, global expertise and we’ve spent decades providing the systems, intelligence and insights that give organisations the best possible capacity to anticipate, prepare, respond and recover in the face of disruptive and increasingly digital change.

Business continuity and crisis management programmes create the systems and training that foster organised, adaptive responses. These combined with dynamic analysis of political, economic, technological and social events and trends and robust information governance equip you with the architecture of resilience.


Protect value, take risks

Whether you face a subtle shift in your operating environment or a calamitous event, the essence of resilience is responding in a way that protects value and ensures long-term, competitive advantage. A guiding belief at Control Risks is that taking risks is a pre-requisite for success. We bring a resilience capability and culture that enable you to take risks with your eyes open, confident that you have done all you can to avert and mitigate the challenges and shocks that will occur.


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Creating a Resilient Organisation

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