Shikha Kher

Senior Analyst

  • Asia Pacific

Shikha is a Senior Analyst in the Global Risk Analysis practice of Control Risks. Based in the Delhi office, she works on political, economic, security and regulatory developments in the South Asia region as well as on bespoke ESG consulting projects. Prior to this role, Shikha was a Senior Consultant in Control Risks’ Business Intelligence practice for South Asia. 

She has more than a decade of experience in working on market entry support in South Asia, including integrity due diligence exercises, complex problem-solving cases, and business intelligence assignments in Nepal.

Recent tasks that Shikha has worked on include:

  • A multi-jurisdictional reputational due-diligence exercise to assess the commercial track record and reputation of a large telecommunications company. Shikha led the exercise in Sri Lanka and Nepal, wherein the team conducted a comprehensive risk assessment with a focus on the company’s regulatory, commercial, ethical and human rights track record.
  • Reviews of recruitment agencies in Nepal for a Middle Eastern recruitment firm. Shikha conducted reviews of five recruitment agencies in Nepal to map key challenges pertaining to international labour recruitment compliance, including on-ground reviews of onboarding processes, operating practices, and regulatory compliance.
  • An integrity and ESG focused pre-investment due diligence in India’s renewable energy sector, for a UK-based private equity firm focussed on developing economies. Shikha led and managed the exercise, which included conducting comprehensive due diligence on one of India’s largest renewable energy companies and its promoters. Shikha also led detailed site audit assessment exercises across three solar and wind energy projects of the entity, to assess ESG risks.
  • An integrity due diligence on a Bangladeshi conglomerate with extensive operations in the country’s oil and gas sector, for a large American oil and gas firm. Shikha managed the exercise, which included a comprehensive due diligence on the background, commercial track record and integrity risks involving the promoters. The promoters were found to have extensive operations in the UAE, from where they serviced international clients, and Shikha assessed their operational capabilities and compliance with international and bi-lateral tax-related agreements.
  • A business intelligence investigation in Nepal’s hydropower sector, for a large Asian infrastructure development fund. Shikha investigated allegations of unethical business practices in the awarding of a hydropower project in Nepal. Her investigation focused on the promoter of a hydropower and civil engineering consultancy, who was alleged to have engaged in corrupt activities and using political influence to win a tender. Along with a team of in-country experts, Shikha assessed the commercial and reputational track record of the consultancy to understand its operational and commercial track record.
  • Before joining Control Risks, Shikha worked as a researcher on a wide variety projects and papers of Asia-based geopolitical, foreign policy, socio-cultural and developmental issues for the Centre for Asian Strategic Studies, a Delhi- based think tank, and an India-focused Japanese institute. Prior to that, she worked at the Delhi Bureau of a German newspaper and in a variety of other research-based roles. Shikha has a degree in philosophy from the University of Delhi and is a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional.

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