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  • Asia Pacific
  • Security Risk Management
  • Operational and Protective Services
  • Political and Country Risk

Peter Curtis is a Director for Control Risks based in Sydney, specialising in advising security risks solutions to companies operating in challenging environments. He is responsible for building and strengthening client relationships across Australia and New Zealand.

Peter has spent his professional career consulting with corporate clients, NGOs and governmentagencies, helping them plan for and operate successfully in international locations. Supporting Australian and New Zealand companies as they look to enter new markets, Peter has led project and country risk assessments and developed programmes to strengthen workforce mobility and  resilience and to manage critical business issues and crisis situations.

Peter has worked with C-suite executives at the corporate group-level to review and implement policies, standards and procedures as well as Operations Managers and Health, Safety & Security Managers at the project level to review procedures and undertake programme design. With a public health background, Peter brings a valuable lens to the incident response, crisis management and business continuity environment. 

Recent tasks that Peter has worked on include:

  • Helping clients undertake project and country risk assessment
  • Journey management planning, including intelligence briefings, training, personnel protection, tracking and mass communication technologies  
  • Incident and crisis response and return to operations planning during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Before joining Control Risks, Peter worked as a Director at International SOS across Australia, Papua New Guinea, the UK and the Nordics, where for 20 years he worked in 24/7 response centres, led on-the- ground Incident Management Teams responding to civil unrest, and with public health teams collecting biological samples to determine the distribution and determinants of disease in the remote communities of Papua New Guinea. This data has been used to identify social and health impacts generated by economic development, to help clients gain industry approvals and to contribute to their 'Social Licence to Operate'. 

    Peter holds a B.A.Sc. degree in Science at the University of Sydney, and a master’s degree in global health from the University of New South Wales.

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