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Michitaka Arima is an Associate Director of Digital Risks at Control Risks based in Tokyo. He has an extended knowledge and experience on cyber and information security, ranging from endpoint and network security to security governance and policies. He also has experience with personal data protection, especially the European General Data Protection Regulation and Japanese Personal Information Protection Act.

Recent tasks that Michitaka has worked on include:

  • Assisted accreditation of an automotive industry-specific information security certification mechanism, TISAX, for a multinational auto-parts manufacturer.
  • Helped develop a cyber and information security evaluation and governance plan for a multinational food and beverage manufacturer.
  • Orchestrated a cyber security drill focused on executive decision making under cyber security incident situation, for a leading Japanese e-commerce company.
  • Prior to joining Control Risks, Michitaka has worked for a Big 4 Consulting Firm’s cyber security team for 5+ years. He also has experience as a Managed Security Services and SOC engineer and analyst, as well as a brief career as a Cyber Security, Privacy and IT county manager at a multinational tech company focused on mobility services.

    Michitaka has a master’s degree in information security from Carnegie Mellon University’s Information Networking Institute, and is accredited to several GIAC certifications, including GIAC Certified Enterprise Defender.

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