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Linh Nguyen is an Associate Director in the Southeast Asia Business Intelligence practice, based in Singapore. Linh has advised a diverse range of clients on potential partnerships, market entries, business conflicts and other commercial relationships and opportunities in Southeast Asia. She has also spent a remarkable amount of her time traveling across the region, especially in Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam, where she has built up an extensive network of government officials and business sources in various sectors.

Linh is also the lead analyst for Vietnam where she helps clients navigate the dynamic country that offers enormous opportunities but is very opaque and requires a detailed understanding of complex, changing political and economic environment to ensure success.

Recent tasks that Linh has worked on include:

  • A comparative partnership assessment and government stakeholder analysis for a multinational automobile company having to restructure its operation in Vietnam due to changes in the government policy which created a more challenging investment environment for foreign automobile companies
  • A political risk monitoring project in a disputed area in the South China Sea and an investigation into a potential Vietnam partner – a state-owned company, of an international oil and gas company wishing to acquire an offshore block licence
  • A crisis management support on behalf of an international consumer goods company related to a corruption allegation on its local partner which is one of the largest military-owned companies in Myanmar
  • A market entry advisory project for an international bank looking for entering Indonesia market where the government practically does not issue more banking licenses for foreign investors and acquiring stakes in a local bank is associated with high risk due to the high non-performing loan issue

    Before joining Control Risks, Linh was a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times and Reuters, with posting in Hanoi, Jakarta and London, and experience reporting across Southeast Asia over the previous decade.

    Linh has an MSc in Asian Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London and an undergraduate degree in International Economics from the Vietnam National University. She speaks Vietnamese and passable Bahasa Indonesia.

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