Joseph Dashwood

Senior Consultant

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Joseph Dashwood is a Senior Consultant within Control Risks’ Europe, Middle East and Africa Forensic Technology team in London. Joe has 7 years of digital forensics experience within consulting and within a specialist financial regulatory organisation. He leads on projects assisting corporate and legal clients with internal, regulatory, and multi-jurisdictional investigations by forensically collecting and examining digital data sources. 

Joe also uses digital forensics to assist clients through times of crisis, leading on investigations into cyber incidents involving ransomware, business email compromise and payment diversion fraud and affecting small to large organisations, to discover the root cause and help answer questions impacting our clients’ regulatory and contractual obligations.

Recent tasks that Joe has worked on include:

  • Led the technical investigation into a ransomware incident affecting a top UK firm of chartered accountants, who had data on 100+ servers encrypted and several terabytes of data exfiltrated. The investigation uncovered the root cause phishing email and identified the scope of exfiltrated data, which was later reviewed for personally identifiable information.
  • Assisted a leading UK manufacturer of office products where the email accounts of multiple employees were subject to unauthorised access following a chain-phishing email attack. The investigation found novel methods used by threat actors to maintain persistence and automate sending of emails within Microsoft 365.
  • Investigated an employee of a global corporation in the chemicals industry, who was suspected of unauthorised access to and copying of data prior to leaving the corporation. The investigation involved acquisition and examination of their Windows and MacOS devices and logging from the Client’s Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Prior to Control Risks, Joe worked in for the UK Serious Fraud Office and assisted investigations by leading digital forensics teams in search and seizure operations, imaging and processing various forms of electronic devices, including desktops, USB memory sticks, Android and iOS mobile devices, for digital review.

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