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Joseph Buckley is the Director leading Control Risks’ Digtial Risks threat intelligence analysis activities in EMEA. Joseph is responsible for managing Control Risks’ largest and most complex cyber threat intelligence engagements, throughout the intelligence lifecycle. He specialises in assessing advanced nation state and organised cybercriminal threats to public and private organisations.

Recent tasks that Joseph has worked on include:

  • Leads one of the largest cyber threat intelligence engagements with a large, multinational software conglomerate. Services delivered by Joseph and the project team include strategic, tactical and operational intelligence services, threat monitoring, intelligence capability development services and group company cyber security assessments.
  • Lead the delivery of a CBEST, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated, cyber threat assessment for a major international investment bank.
  • Directed the production of a large cyber threat assessment for a Northern European pseudo-state organisation.
  • Scoped and delivered a cyber threat assessment of both cyber and electronic warfare threats to a large satellite communications organisation.
  • Led on a cross-service line online investigation for a large tech company facing intellectual property and website related threats.
  • Built up and delivered cyber threat intelligence’s cryptocurrency investigation capability, working with several clients to investigation risk relating to digital assets and asset holders.
  • Briefed a large range of client and external audiences on nation state threats, geopolitically driven cyber threat landscape topics, the cyber implications of the Ukraine conflict, the ransomware threat landscape and several other strategic and tactical level discussions.
  • Before joining Control Risks, Joseph was a UK government accredited intelligence analyst working for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs and subsequently led a team of analysts while at the Ministry of Defence. Joseph holds a CCTIM threat intelligence accreditation, several UK government approved intelligence analysis qualifications (e.g. GIAT, DIAM) and an MA in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy from Lancaster University.

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