Cory Davie


  • Asia Pacific
  • Market Entry/Exit Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessments
  • Political and Economic Risk Monitoring

Cory Davie is the Head of Commercial Growth for the Asia Pacific Region. She is focused on ensuring that Control Risks’ strategic initiatives are met through maximising the operational management across the region. She also supports Australian companies as they look to enter new markets, strengthen their compliance and resilience, and manage critical business issues. Prior to taking on her current role, Cory led Control Risks’ Australia Pacific business, and before that she headed up the client team in Control Risks’ London headquarters, where she led the oil and gas sector for Europe and Africa.


Recent tasks that Cory has worked on include:

  • Pre-transaction intelligence for a company subject to a potential takeover determining the source of the funds for the transaction and if they were linked to politically exposed sources in the region, how it would be perceived by the market and their clients should the transaction go forward and what operational and reputational issues may stem from the transaction.
  • Complex problem solving for an operation in South East Asia which had been shut down by the government. We assisted the company in understanding the drivers behind the decision by leveraging sources very senior within the government and local community and provided clear guidance on both exit strategy and paths to reconciliation with the government and the community, as well as guidance on physical and information security requirements.
  • Global security review for a company whose offices were globally in iconic locations, prompting concerns about general security and terrorism risk. We provided bespoke threat assessments and review as well as clear guidelines on how to improve their resilience and specific training for staff on active shooter and lone wolf situations.

    Prior to joining Control Risks, Cory worked in humanitarian operations in conflict and post-conflict environments throughout Africa and the Middle East including Liberia, Darfur, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Iraq and Haiti.

    Cory has an MSc in Humanitarian and Development Theory from Oxford Brookes University and a BA in Foreign Affairs and South Asian Studies from the University of Virginia.


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