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Alexey Eremenko is an associate director in the Europe Global Risk Analysis practice, based in London. He covers the post-Soviet region, with a special focus on Russia and Central Asia, and has advised a diverse range of clients on political, operational, security and sanctions risks in the region.

Recent tasks that Alexey has worked on include:

  • Scenario planning and threat analysis of the Russia-Ukraine conflict for clients operating both in the region and globally.
  • An assessment of the political dynamics in Kazakhstan in the light of the public unrest in January 2022 and President Tokayev’s subsequent response.
  • A risk assessment for a leading global energy company planning a trip by a senior executive to a former Soviet country.

    Alexey was formerly a senior consultant in Control Risks’ business intelligence practice, also covering the former Soviet Union. Prior to joining Control Risks, Alexey spent more than a decade as a journalist in Moscow, providing coverage for Russian and foreign media outlets, including Russia’s only English-language daily newspaper, The Moscow Times, and the Moscow bureau of American television network NBC News.

    Alexey defended a PhD at the Institute for General History at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. He also completed a research fellowship at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in Oxford, where he analysed the media regulation practices of the Russian government. He speaks English, Russian and German, as well as some Norwegian, and reads Icelandic and Ukrainian.

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