In recent times, the geopolitical landscape has been marked by tension among the so-called Super Powers. The Russian invasion and subsequent war in Ukraine has further exposed the fractures in international relationships. However, this situation has also provided an opportunity for the emergence of the Middle Powers. These states, distinct from the US and China, are gaining increasing influence on the global stage due to their strategic significance, natural resources, and demographic profile. Gradually, these Middle Power countries are assuming more prominent roles worldwide. They possess the ability to shape regional affairs, foster cooperation, bridge gaps, advocate for global norms, contribute to economic development, and ultimately reshape the international order. While they may not wield the same level of power as the "superpowers," their actions and diplomacy can significantly impact regional and global dynamics. 

Moreover, these countries are now being recognized as attractive investment destinations for several reasons. These include their strategic geographic positions, relatively stable economic environments, interesting demographic profiles, market size, growth potential, infrastructure development, and favourable trade agreements with neighbouring nations. Control Risks has conducted an analysis of a selection of these middle power countries to assess their investment potential and explore the risks and opportunities that await investors seeking alternative markets. 

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