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Case study: Event security


The situation

The organisers of an international and high-profile annual sporting event were concerned about their ability to react effectively to disruptive incidents that might occur during a concert taking place following the competition. There were layers of uncoordinated security infrastructure including the private security teams of high net worth and celebrity attendees, high profile political and government officials as well as government security forces, intelligence agencies and emergency services.

Control Risks' approach

  • Control Risks devised a security management plan for the event comprising a proactive and reactive intervention capability.
  • We provided a detailed evaluation of the threats surrounding the event, practical mitigation strategies and crisis management support in the case of a serious incident.
  • Control Risks experts conducted training for guard staff and coordination with other security, safety and emergency support teams working within the event to ensure an effective response to incidents that utilised the capabilities of each group.

The outcome

The client relied upon the expertise of our consultants to ensure that the risk of disruptive incidents was mitigated to the greatest extent possible and could be effectively confined if they were to occur.

The client also relied upon Control Risks’ wider risk mitigation capability. This gave the client peace of mind and enhanced the overall safety of the event.

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