Director, Business Intelligence

Location: Singapore
Key skills: Risk analysis, government relations, South-East Asia
Interests: Travelling, yoga

“There is never a dull moment at Control Risks. In Business Intelligence we support clients as they address the spectrum of issues across the investment cycle, from making sure their prospective partners are what they seem, to helping clients understand what their competitors are doing, as well as understanding the potential damage an existing partner can bring to bear in an exit.”

Sarah Yan,
Control Risks

Sarah Yan at Control Risks

I joined Control Risks in 2019 after seven years in Singapore’s foreign service – including three years in Yangon - and some time at two other consultancies. At the time, I was new to business intelligence and only knew Control Risks for its political risk analysis. Since joining I have been exposed to all the different services that Control Risks provides for its clients.

Control Risks truly shines when our work for clients requires the various areas of the business come together and provide solutions or help address an information gap. One such example is when a client with operations in Myanmar was contemplating exiting the country but had to contend with ethical dilemmas, such as its employees’ livelihoods, threat potential of various actors to the business, regulatory barriers to exiting, and identifying exit routes for employees to leave the country safely. The applicable business areas came together to guide the client through each element.

While not all client situations are quite as crisis-driven, my time at Control Risks has exposed me to working with colleagues who have experiences across a wide range of geographies (from Bogota to Shanghai) and disciplines (from forensic accounting to cyber threat analysis). My time in the Singapore foreign service was diverse and lively, but I can say that Control Risks’ work is equally challenging and rewarding.

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