VANTAGE Compliance Solutions: Your Pathway to Third-Party Peace of Mind

VANTAGE Compliance Solutions are an end-to-end enhancement of your internal capabilities for a robust third-party compliance programme. At Control Risks VANTAGE, we become an extension of your team, offering seamless collaboration and tailored services from our experts to ensure all-encompassing third-party peace of mind.

VANTAGE Compliance Solutions is formed of four main solutions that each brings reassurance and peace of mind.

How VANTAGE Design offers third-party peace of mind

Using VANTAGE Design means embarking on a compliance programme building journey. Our expert compliance consultants ensure that each step aligns seamlessly with your goals and risk appetite.

Here's why VANTAGE Design offers reassurance and peace of mind: 

  • Tailored Programme Building delivers a comprehensive understanding of your organisation's structure, activities, and risk landscape, and instils confidence in the effectiveness of your compliance measures to ensure third-party peace of mind.
  • Thorough Organisational Review provides third-party peace of mind by conducting an extensive assessment through interviews, workshops, and policy evaluations assures you that your organisation is aligned with robust compliance measures and tailored recommendations, rooted in industry best practices.
  • Enhanced Third-Party Landscape Exploration delivers third-party peace of mind by examining operations, global reach, and regulations, identifying gaps and strengthening your risk-management program for enhanced compliance and confidence. 

In choosing VANTAGE Design, you're not just getting a compliance program; you're getting a personalised, iterative, and technologically efficient solution designed to deliver that peace of mind.

How VANTAGE Manage offers third-party peace of mind

With VANTAGE Manage we offer more than just outsourcing your third-party due diligence, screening, and compliance programme; it's about providing you with a seamless experience that reassures and ensures peace of mind.

Here's how VANTAGE Manage offers confidence and brings you third-party peace of mind:

  • Expert Partnership: Entrust your compliance programme to our dedicated experts for thorough vetting, ensuring excellence and a committed partnership.
  • Personalised Onboarding: Tailored sessions align key parameters and Service Level Agreements (SLA) with your expectations, delivering a personalised and reassuring experience.
  • Adaptable Processes: VANTAGE Manage flexibly adjusts to your procedures, ensuring a smooth transition and alignment with your unique compliance goals.
  • Effortless Documentation: Obtain necessary third-party documents - aligned to your company policy or industry standards, effortlessly with our support, ensuring clarity, completeness, and the peace of mind you deserve.

In choosing VANTAGE Manage, you're gaining a dedicated partner focused on your unique needs. Trust Control Risks VANTAGE to manage your third-party compliance program effectively. 

How VANTAGE Assess offers third-party peace of mind

With VANTAGE Assess, our dedicated Compliance Solutions Team dives into your screening and due diligence data, crafting a personalised risk assessment just for you. We’re here to bridge the gap between the information gathered and your crucial next steps in your third-party compliance journey. Your unique risk profile and preferences guide our approach, ensuring a confident transition and giving you peace of mind.

Here's how VANTAGE Assess reassures and provides peace of mind:

  • Tailored Risk Assessment: To ensure a thorough understanding of your organisations’ third-party landscape, our experts meticulously review your screening and due diligence findings, delivering a customised risk assessment tailored to your unique risk profile.
  • Mitigation Guidance: Our peace of mind service goes beyond assessments, by providing suggested next steps to mitigate identified risks, aligning with your company's agreed policies. This guidance is not prescriptive; rather, it respects your internal policies, risk approach, and agreed mitigations.
  • High-Level Reporting: VANTAGE Assess gives an independent view on your third-party risks and empowers you to make confident, informed, and timely decisions.

Choosing VANTAGE Assess means partnering with a dedicated team, providing insights that empower your decision-making, and ensuring the peace of mind you deserve in navigating third-party complexities.

How VANTAGE Act offers third-party peace of mind

After your VANTAGE Assess report, choose the VANTAGE Act service that goes beyond recommending the correct steps for action and remediation, and can actively facilitate in the implementation of the mitigation measures you chose to adopt for your third parties.

  • Efficient Remediation: VANTAGE Act streamlines risk assessments, ensuring swift and effective mitigation measures for third-party relationships. This rapid response adds a layer of reassurance that businesses can navigate third-party relationships with confidence, knowing that potential risks are quickly identified and addressed.
  • Tailored Mitigation: Customised mitigation measures provide a thorough, personalised approach in harmony with the client's overall objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Flexible Solutions: Beyond standard procedures, additional measures can be agreed upon, offering adaptability to your evolving requirements.

Choosing VANTAGE Act ensures a seamless process, personalised outputs, and flexibility that delivers the peace of mind clients seek. 

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