Vietnam’s so-called “burning furnace” anti-corruption drive has resulted in numerous political sackings and stalled projects. Today’s Vietnam can feel like a high-risk jurisdiction. But investment opportunities are there for those with the right preparation. Control Risks can help. 

We have the largest and most experienced team of Vietnam experts of any business risk consultancy, with more than 50 years’ combined experience supporting clients seize opportunity in the country. We can give you intelligence and forward-looking expert analysis to help you navigate uncertainties, devise risk mitigation measures and operate successfully. 


Our Vietnam business in numbers 

  • 250+ investigative and risk assessment projects conducted in the past two years
  • 38 political, regulatory, corruption and business risk experts including 8 native Vietnamese speakers
  • 30+ sectors covered in Vietnam, including renewables, finance, education, manufacturing, technology and healthcare
  • USD 10bn+ of deals and investments advised on in Vietnam the past 2 years


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Request a briefing tailored to your specific questions around the anti-corruption drive in Vietnam.

Commonly asked questions 

Understanding the basics of the “burning furnace”

  • What are the drivers, and who are the key players?
  • What are the key statistics in terms of arrests and targets?
  • What do these recent political changes mean for power dynamics among the political elite in Vietnam?
  • How long will the anti-corruption campaign last?
  • What is the ultimate purpose of the anti-corruption campaign?

Sectors, regulatory and market impacts

  • Which key sectors are impacted and how?
  • What impact has the anti-corruption campaign had on regulations, permitting and licensing?
  • What has been the impact on stock prices, currency stability and foreign direct investment inflows?

How are foreign investors being impacted?

  • What is the government's stance on foreign companies being impacted by the anti-corruption campaign?
  • What are the key statistics on foreign companies that have been directly impacted and the indirect impacts on local companies with foreign partners / investors?
  • What are the metrics regarding reputational damage for foreign investors, including media references, public backlash and shaming?

How are investors succeeding?

  • How can investors and organisations successfully navigate the current climate?
  • Which risk management frameworks can help ensure smooth operations and avoid integrity risks?
  • How can local teams contextualise recent developments for overseas stakeholder audiences, such as Limited Partners, investment committees and other decision-makers located outside of Vietnam/Asia?

Scenario analysis

  • What potential scenarios could arise from the anti-corruption drive and recent political developments?
  • What are the key trigger events to watch out for?

How to mitigate the impacts of the anti-corruption drive?

  • What should investors do to ensure they can continue to invest and do business in Vietnam?
  • How are business practices in Vietnam likely to evolve in the wake of these significant changes?
  • What steps can businesses and investors take now to remain agile and seize emerging opportunities in the wake of the political reshuffle?

Arrange a paid briefing with Control Risks’ experts

  • Format: Available in-person or online depending on client location, 45 minutes briefing followed by 45 minutes Q&A
  • Number of attendees: uncapped but restricted to one organisation

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