Harrison Cheng


  • Asia Pacific
  • Investor Services
  • Market Entry/Exit Risk Assessment
  • Investigation Services

Harrison is a Director based in Control Risks’ Singapore office. He provides analysis and research on Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore for Control Risks’ CORE service, as well as for in-depth bespoke reports.

Recent tasks that Harrison has worked on include:

  • Pre-market entry assessments for foreign companies seeking to enter the oil and gas, healthcare, financial services, higher education and retail sectors in Malaysia. These focused on political, regulatory, operational and security risks as well as identification of key stakeholders in policy decision-making and assessments of their longevity in office.
  • An in-depth investigative report for the automotive sector in Malaysia, providing a bespoke assessment of political drivers for regulatory developments and direct implications on the client's interests in the sector.
  • Full security threat assessments for companies planning investments in Malaysia. These included aspirational terrorist targets such as Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. These covered threats from terrorism, crime (including organised crime) and unrest.
  • Investigations on behalf of foreign companies operating in Malaysia and Thailand which faced or were concerned about threats of violence, regulatory harassment and political interference issued by local partners, including assessments of likely and credible threats to clients and risk mitigation recommendations.
  • Harrison previously worked as a senior South-East Asia analyst at the Ministry of Defence in Singapore. Harrison holds a Master’s degree in Social Sciences and a Bachelor’s (Honours) degree in Political Science from the National University of Singapore. 

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