Fiona McCormack

Senior Consultant

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Fiona is a Senior Consultant in the Security Risk Consulting business. She delivers consulting support to Control Risks’ clients across Europe and Africa. Prior to working at Control Risks, Fiona served with the Metropolitan Police Service in London for 31 years followed by two years at Surrey and Sussex Police as a consultant senior investigating officer for international historical homicide investigations. 

More recently, she has advised international governments and FTSE 250 companies in providing training in terrorism and anti-corruption investigation and crisis management. Fiona is a qualified hostage negotiator, senior investigating officer and senior identification manager with strong background working in national and international platforms.

Recent tasks that Fiona has worked on include:

  • Orchestrated counterterrorism and serious/organised crime team efforts – effectively combating severe threats across local, regional, and national levels.
  • Played instrumental roles in transformational and organisational changes, process improvements, new systems implementation, and effective allocation of resources.
  • Analysed a large number of national and international bomb scenes and taught forensic recovery at institutes such as FBI Academy at Quantico and RCMP at Ottawa.
  • Senior investigating officer and senior identification manager for first phase of the Grenfell fire investigation, driving criminal analysis into the fire and identification of deceased and survivors. Innovated media strategies, delivering proactive and reactive broadcasting regarding serious crime.
  • Excelled within hostile environments on kidnap investigations as well as negotiations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. Member of the UK Government’s Crisis Group (COBR), advising on international and terrorist kidnapping in cases involving UK subjects as individuals or as part of a multi-national group and national critical matters including the fire at Grenfell Tower.

  • Fiona holds an MSc (hons) in Forensic Investigative Psychology. She has prepared and delivered training of police officers both in the UK and internationally in terrorist investigation, kidnap and hostage negotiation, crisis management and the senior investigating officer’s course. She has since continued this training on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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