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Airmic Risks & Megatrends 2020: the evolving cyber threat landscape

Airmic Risks & Megatrends 2020: the evolving cyber threat landscape

This week we're taking a break from our usual panel discussion to bring you an interview from a podcast we really enjoy: Airmic Talks. Airmic is the UK’s risk and insurance association, and their podcast, Airmic Talks, is currently running a series on the key themes emerging from their annual survey: Top Risks and Megatrends 2020. In this episode, Airmic’s Richard Cutcher interviews Control Risks’ James Owen, Partner, Cyber Security, on the role of technology in digital transformation programmes, new cyber attack trends, the vulnerability of social media to manipulation and disinformation campaigns and the growing tension between seamless digital connectivity, regulation and national sovereignty issues – including how this will shape the internet of the future.

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