Consultant, Business Intelligence

Location: Tokyo
Key skills: Due diligence research, strategic intelligence gathering
Interests: Visiting museums, coffee, cats

“Interpreting information and analysing any impact to the client's business and reputation is challenging, but a rewarding job.”

Yuka Nakao
Control Risks

Yuka Nakao

From my first glance at the Business Intelligence consultant job description, I had a hunch that this job was going to satisfy my intellectual curiosity. Since joining the company, I have been proved right. 

My day-to-day work in Business Intelligence is to conduct due diligence investigations on companies and individuals. The scope of these investigations varies greatly, ranging from trying to identify potential problems with a company ahead of acquisitions to understanding specific and complex allegations about key principals of a company. Clients include law firms and multinational companies from various sectors, and every project is different.

Having previously worked as a journalist, my research and fact-checking skills have been invaluable. Interpreting the information and analyzing any impact on the client's business and reputation is challenging, but a rewarding job.

The people at Control Risks come from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and everyone is extremely professional and friendly. Some projects involve multijurisdictional collaboration, but I have never faced any difficulties working across different teams.

As a student, I studied art history and adult education, so I enjoy visiting museums outside of work. Brewing coffee is part of my daily routine, which was influenced by my father. 

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