Associate Consultant, Business Intelligence, Europe

Location: Berlin
Interests: Yoga, Pilates, Barre classes, Skiing and Sailing

Dora Soco at Control Risks

Before Control Risks, I worked at Croatia’s foreign affairs ministry as a legal expert. My focus was on aligning EU law with Croatian regulations. I also participated in the German parliamentary scholarship programme, working on regulatory matters in transportation and green energy.  

During my time in the Berlin parliament, I met my partner, which eventually led me to relocate from Croatia to Berlin. I was fortunate that amid the Covid-19 situation, I was interviewed for a position at Control Risks. The firm needed an expert on south-east Europe countries in its business intelligence practice. After gaining experience in the public sector, I was keen to explore the consulting field. This journey transitioned me from a law degree and politics through the public sector to consulting. 

Day-to-day, I tackle intricate cases for international clients investing in south-east Europe and the DACH region. I support ESG-related investment and compliance exercises for a range of clients. 

My first big project was advising a client on a Montenegro investment issue. Witnessing the value our information brought to clients affirmed my sense of purpose in this role.  

My journey with Control Risks has been awesome. I thrive in an international team, engaged in dynamic and knowledge-rich work.  

Beyond work, I find balance through yoga, pilates and barre classes. I’m an active explorer during vacations - skiing in Georgia and sailing in Croatia. 

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