Senior Consultant, Crisis and Security

Location: Sydney
Key skills: Security consulting, training, crisis advisory, penetration testing, protective services
Interests: Diving, Muay Thai, reading, hiking

“Control Risks is an environment like no other. Clients come to us in times of crisis, looking to us to help them navigate extreme uncertainty and complexity. Helping clients manage and respond to these threats, no matter the form they take, means I never stop learning, and this is what keeps me coming back every day for more.”

Daniel Werner,
Control Risks

Daniel Werner

I never thought I would find myself in a company like Control Risks. Fixed on a career in medicine, a specialist risk consultancy was not on my radar. However, after completing an MA in Intelligence and Counterterrorism, I found myself considering my next steps. At the time I was working as second-in-command for physical security and crisis management at a global financial services organisation, but I knew I was looking for something more exciting. I joined Control Risks’ crisis and security consulting team, little expecting how much this would align to my objectives.

The experiences and opportunities I’ve benefited from in a company as broad and diverse as Control Risks are impossible to overstate. I’ve led complex projects throughout Asia Pacific and collaborated with colleagues in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East to support our clients in navigating multi-jurisdictional crises.

The most memorable part of Control Risks is its people. Every person has a unique background, bringing truly incredible life experiences to the company and the work we do. There is a strong mentor culture and personal and career development is supported. Every day I see staff at all levels comfortable voicing their thoughts and leveraging their knowledge to support our clients.

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