Hosted in partnership with GRC World Forums, this webinar discussed how economic sanctions have been used as foreign policy tools for many states, however they have sometimes come under scrutiny for their impact on the human rights of vulnerable civilian groups in the countries on which the sanctions are imposed. More recently, states such as the US, the UK and the EU, have sought to use sanctions to tackle human rights abuses, and to target perpetrators of gender-based violence. 

Listen to Control Risks’ team of experts Hannah Lilley, Alexandra Kellert, Rebecca Hughes and Vita Spivak: 

  • Explore the evolving complexity of sanctions. 
  • Discuss the emergence of sanctions against gender-based violence and what this means for women. 
  • Look at lessons for business from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions imposed. 
  • Examine the role of sanctions risks in transaction diligence and third-party management. 

Recorded on: 3 - 4pm (BST), Thursday, 25th May | Duration: 1-hour


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