Alexandra Kellert

Associate Director

  • Europe
  • Managing political risk
  • Geopolitical & strategic risk advisory
  • Political and Economic Risk Monitoring
  • Country & portfolio risk benchmarking
  • Market Entry/Exit Risk Assessment

Alexandra Kellert leads our political, regulatory and operational risk and security threat analysis for countries in Western Europe and the EU institutions. She advises clients on how these issues affect them via bespoke consulting work, ad hoc queries and our subscription services. Her particular areas of expertise include Brexit, EU regulatory affairs, protest movements and direct action, organised criminal groups in Italy, terrorism patterns in Western Europe, and electoral politics.

Recent tasks that Alexandra has worked on include:

  • A detailed overview of EU regulatory processes for a multinational conglomerate, including stakeholder mapping. 
  • Country-specific assessments for a multinational pharmaceutical company, focusing on regulatory issues affecting medicines, as well as supply chain concerns and security threats. 
  • A scenario-led threat assessment on how political developments in the UK in the coming years could affect the operations of a charitable organisation. 
  • A market entry report on the operating environment in Italy for a data centre operator, particularly considering threats from organised criminal groups and corruption. 
  • A detailed assessment of threats posed by environmentalist and animal rights activists to the assets and personnel of a Denmark-based multinational company.
  • Alexandra joined Control Risks as an editor for the Global Risk Analysis Europe team before taking on an analytical role. Before joining Control Risks, Alexandra worked in Brussels producing communications materials on EU policies for the European institutions. Alexandra holds an undergraduate degree in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge and an MA in Middle East and Mediterranean Studies from King’s College London.  

    She speaks French and Italian, as well as basic German and Spanish. 

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