JoAnn Ugolini


  • North America
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Threat Management
  • Security Risk Management
  • Protective Services

JoAnn Ugolini is a Director for Crisis and Security Consulting at Control Risks. A member of the specialized Threat Management practice, JoAnn brings over 20 years of experience in supporting private sector companies in workplace violence prevention and behavioral threat management issues.

Recent tasks that JoAnn has worked on include:

  • Leading the Safe Workplace Program as a Control Risks embedded consultant at Meta, where she was responsible for the development and implementation of Facebook’s global workplace threat and violence prevention program
  • Designing and implementing in-person and virtual training programs for behavioral threat assessment and violence prevention for clients across sectors

    Prior to joining Control Risks, JoAnn served for 5 years as a Senior Director of OSINT Investigations and Threat & Violence Risk Management with Hillard Heintze, where she specialized in the development and implementation of best practice programs to reduce the likelihood of violence and resulting liability for both private sector and US government clients.

    JoAnn was formerly the Manager of Situation Assessment and Response for Abbott Laboratories, where she served as Abbott’s Global Security expert on behavioral threat assessment and response, providing innovative strategic solutions and driving education and assimilation of threat management policies, processes, procedures, and guidelines globally. In that role, JoAnn developed, delivered and rolled out the corporate in-person and eLearning workplace violence prevention training program to promote reporting and intervention, and developed and tracked executive and threat management metrics to provide management with information related to the program’s activities. She also previously served at Gavin De Becker and Associates as Director of Training and MOSAIC Development—a pioneering threat assessment system and validated method to assess and screen threats and inappropriate communications.

    JoAnn holds ASIS Certifications of CPP, CFE, PSP, and was a technical committee expert contributor to the ASIS 2020 American National Standard on Workplace Violence Prevention and Response.

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