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Gary Coffey is a Principal with Control Risks’ Crisis and Resilience Consulting team based in Washington D.C. where he focuses on kidnap-for-ransom and response preparedness sub-practice. In addition to kidnap for ransom work, Gary focuses on crisis management planning and preparation, workplace violence and active shooter life safety threats. 

Gary Coffey is a former FBI Special Agent and Supervisor with over 32 years of law enforcement experience. He led the Joint Terrorism Task Force and specialized in domestic terrorism operations and served as the Crisis Manager for the New England Region.

Gary has been recognized by, and has served as an instructor for, international, federal and state law enforcement agencies on hostage negotiations and crisis management. 

Recent tasks that Gary has worked on include:

  • FBI Crisis Negotiator during international and domestic hostage crises.
  • 2019 Department of Justice Award Winner for a complex cyber stalking case.
  • Supervisory Special Agent responsible for analysis, operational response to, and successful mitigation of over 3,000 reported threats of imminent violence annually.
  • Developed & implemented improved risk management protocols for large-scale events. Led the crisis management team responsible for coordinating the review of evidence during the Boston Marathon Bombing investigation. 
  • Author and facilitator of active shooter/workplace violence Tabletop and Full-Scale exercises for universities and corporations, offering tailored simulations and solutions to each institution’s needs.

  • Gary is an FBI certified Crisis Management Coordinator, Negotiator, and Interview and Interrogation instructor and holds a master’s degree in criminal justice.

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