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Membership at Control Risks

Membership at Control Risks, gives you access to a range of products and services to build a secure, compliant and resilient organisation.

We work with you to build a custom-made package of solutions that helps you to prepare for and respond to a wide range of risks and critical events.

Services linked to your Membership are available on demand through a single contract and subscription fee. Your custom-built package can include access to:

Compliance, Investigations and Litigation Support

Compliance, investigations and third party risk management

Security Risk Management Support

Security risk management support

Information Security Support

Information security support

Crisis Response

Crisis Response

Build your Membership package

Whether you are a corporate counsel looking for compliance, investigation and third party risk management, a security professional looking for risk management and crisis response support, or an information security officer looking to bolster your information security practices - we can build a flexible package of services to suit your organisations' needs.

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