Location: Los Angeles
Key skills: Cyber Forensics, Intelligence Collection, Threat Assessments, Risks Assessments, Physical Security Assessments, Public Speaking, Geopolitics, East Asian studies, Mandarin
Interests: Books, Movies, Gym, Museums, and Marine Biology

“A quote that has stuck with my throughout my career thus far is, “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge” by Stephen Hawking. This quote reminds me that I can never assume I know anything and that learning and education is a life long affair.”

Mikayla Cox,
Control Risks

Mikayla C. at Control Risks

I grew up in China and then completed my education at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating I went into active duty as a US Marine Corps Officer. I served as an Intelligence Officer specialising in Human Intelligence and Counterintelligence. I was stationed in Japan where I served in a number of intelligence roles that developed my skills in intelligence collection, threat assessments, project management, and intercommunication. On completing my active duty service I started with Control Risks as a Digital consultant. In my current role I contribute to Digital Protect projects by producing threat assessments, due diligence reports, exercise scenarios, and maturity assessments. In addition, I often assist the Tech team with projects in the Bay Area. 

The standout experience with the company so far was contributing to a CIFIUS company audit. During the audit project I was able to take my experience and training from the military and integrate it with the skills I’ve acquired since joining Control Risks. It was a steep learning experience that proved challenged my previous mindset in approaching a project. 

My journey at Control Risks so far has been very rewarding. I was able to start on a new career path that consistently challenges me to approach projects in a new way. I am consistently given opportunities to expand my training and knowledge, and never feel restricted to a singular role or means of accomplishing a task.  

The desire to learn more and constantly expand my own knowledge is a journey I take outside of work as well. During my off-time I like to explore bookstores in and round my area as well as find different coffee shops to get comfortable and read my latest book. I also enjoy checking out the different museums and exhibits whenever I can.

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