Senior Operations Manager

Location: Nairobi
Key skills: Strategic Planning & Performance Management, Leadership & Team Management, Operations Management & Process Improvement, Resource Optimization & Management
Interests: Family, Running, Football, Travelling, Reading & Music

“Real leadership is not about prestige, power, or status. It is about responsibility – doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and doing it in a manner that is inspiring and brings sustainable positive change across board (including the growth of your team members).”

Justus Barasa,
Control Risks

Justus Barasa at Control Risks

I joined Control Risks in 2015 as an analyst because, as a global firm, it offered a great opportunity for me to put my skills and experience to work. Control Risks also appealed as a place to learn and grow by getting engaged in interesting and impactful projects and collaborating with colleagues from across the globe. Prior to joining the firm, I worked as a Business Intelligence Manager for a global company with a footprint in East Africa, focusing on intelligence, analytics, and strategy.  

Eight years down the line, I have grown and learnt a lot and progressed from Analyst to Senior Analyst to Operations Manager and now Senior Operations Manager. In my current role, my day to day work revolves around six main areas: managing our consultants embedded within client operations across the East African Region; managing different protective services projects to ensure that the security and safety of our clients is guaranteed as they travel to high risk locations; client engagement through virtual/in person meetings; vetting of subcontractors; business development; and advisory to clients by sharing intelligence, analysis and operational support.  

My journey in Control Risks has been phenomenal. I have had a chance to learn and grow, I have travelled far and wide and I have interacted with very many people from different cultures and backgrounds (colleagues, clients, and our partners), who are unique, talented, and experienced in different ways. This has enriched my experience and has enabled me to create a huge extended family. 

Outside of work I enjoy running and love watching football. I also love music and go to concerts, shows, or just hang out with friends and family. 

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