Director, Head of Threat Intelligence (EMEA)

Location: London
Key skills: Cyber, geopolitics, Intelligence Collection, Intelligence Analysis, Intelligence Management and Capacity Development, Investigations, Cryptocurrency Risks
Interests: Skiing, golf, running, travelling

“No two client requests are the same at Control Risks but every solution we provide makes the difference be it in a proactive or reactive security scenario. Our clients come to us with challenging problems requiring creative thinking, critical thinking, cutting edge expertise and strong problem solving skills.”

Joe Buckley,
Control Risks

Joe B. at Control Risks

I joined Control Risks in early 2019 after a career in the UK government, working in various intelligence analysis roles. Looking for a change, Control Risks was an appealing organisation, given its leading position in the market as a specialist risk consultancy. The firm has an excellent reputation with the UK Government sector and with other colleagues I have worked with in industry. This provided strong peace of mind that moving to Control Risks would be a very positive career move. 

No two days are the same in Control Risks. An ordinary day will revolve around managing the team in EMEA and ensuring the ongoing projects are moving along smoothly and efficiently. I’ll also work with existing and potential clients to tailor consulting services and apprise them of key developments in the threat landscape.  A big part of the role involves collaborating closely with other teams in our Digital Risk function and other service lines to ensure expertise and experience is shared continuously across the business.  

The most rewarding days are where our clients need urgent support in securing their organisations and networks as part of ongoing threat activity or in understanding a rapidly developing external scenario or sophisticated and impactful cyber attack. The fast pace of these scenarios, combined with the knowledge that our support is directly aiding our clients defend themselves against malicious cyber threat actors brings a huge amount of job satisfaction. 

Outside work, I enjoy hiking and scrambling up mountains – a legacy of my upbringing the UK’s Lake District. I’m also a very keen but very average golfer, playing frequently at clubs in southwest London and Surrey. Unsurprisingly, I am also an avid reader of espionage fiction and non-fiction.

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